“May we, Sacred Women, no longer be prisoner and causalities of life’s war as we fervently seek our full liberation.  Sacred Woman is a path and journey to inner freedom, a road map to Divinity.  It is the road of emancipation sparked and headed by the first mothers of the earth, the Afrakan Woman. Sacred Woman consciousness is ultimately an answer to planetary healing.  The journey we take is liberating and the destination is freedom!  The price for freedom may be high but the price that one pays for being imprisoned and cut off from the very breath of life is even higher still. 

As we, Sacred Women, travel through each gateway we will finally reach our sacred seat of Ast, Great Mother of wisdom, power, and healing.  Now that we are on our divine seat of higher mind, body, and spirit, we are fully charged to be crowned by Nefer Atum, the Divine Lotus “who has made an end of her failing.”  She will aid and guide man to reach out to others who too are seeking planetary healing.  As Sacred Women in the making – we are constantly unfolding and reinventing ourselves through the many doorways into our Divine Body Temple.  As awakened Wellness Warriors we will overcome diseases of body, mind, spirit, and relationships, thereby causing freedom to erupt within.  For, after all, Sacred Woman, your destination is FREEDOM and your quest, LIBERATION!”

- Queen Afua 


To be most honest – this journey is a commitment! It warrants change in your everyday life and will force you to walk in your fullest potential.  In an effort to reach those heights you will be called to do the following:


  • Purchase your Sacred Woman guidebook prior to officially joining the Circle.  This guidebook is a beneficial purchase whether you come into the circle now, later or not at all. 

  • Attend bi-monthly meetings and includes:

    • 3-hour session to discuss and process Gateway works

    • Vegan Brunch provided by Holistic Alaye

    • Liver Flush Tonic (Queen Afua’s recipe) 

    • A yoga sequence to incorporate in daily altar work 

    • Love offering to studio’s owner for space rental 

  • White attire to be worn at each meeting 

  • Rising between 4am – 6am to complete altar work (prayer, meditation, yoga or cardiovascular activity) 

  • Download GroupMe to participate in daily conversation, group updates and “good ole” goddess chat 

  • Download Zoom to participate in our weekly Vibe High Call, this call was designed for us to commune and support each through each week of healing

  • Select a weekly 10-minute call slot for a 10 Min Energy Tune Up, this call was designed to individually assist each Sistar with overstanding where She is energetically (spiritually and physically) from week to week 

The Commitment

To maintain the integrity of our circle, each Mermaid must schedule a Sacred Woman Journey Assessment.  During this session, you will be asked a series of questions to assist you with identifying areas of your life you may desire to focus on (or heal) as we travel from gateway to gateway.  

The Sacred Woman Journey Assessment takes approximately 2 hours to complete and costs $120, these sessions are normally conducted in two parts at $75 each, however, Mermaids (Sacred Women in the Making, SWIM) receives a $30 savings!

Be sure to hit the “Sign Up” button below to begin to heal!

You will be contacted within the next 48 hours to set up your assessment time.

So, What’s Next?

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